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PTFE backup rings

PTFE backup rings PTFE backup rings
Product name:PTFE backup rings
Price:PTFE backup ring
PTFE backup rings (PTFE back-up rings)are used for static and dynamic applications. It's better used for static sealing applications with corresponding O-ring.
The use of PTFE backup ring will help control O-ring extrusion in high pressure applications. PTFE backup rings are compatible with all hydraulic fluids, since they are virtually  chemically inert, and also can be used in applications involving elevated operating temperature conditions. In addition, PTFE backup rings can greatly improve O-ring performance and extend service life, even if extrusion does not present a problem.

100%virgin PTFE for light and medium load requirements.

 PTFE with filler (Glass /Graphite /Carbon /Bronze)for greater load requirements.

-150~+250 degree celsius

Three basic Types for PTFE backup rings(PTFE back-up rings): 
        Scarf cut                        Spiral cut                                Uncut

From ID3mm to ID500mm can be produced, tolerance can be controlled within +/-0.05~+/-0.1mm.                                                                                                                                                                          

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