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PTFE microwave digestion vessel

PTFE microwave digestion vessel
Product name:PTFE microwave digestion vessel
Microwave digestion vessel materials include PTFE, TFM®-PTFE, PFA which meet the combined requirements of acid, heat and pressure resistance. 
PTFE, TFM melting point: 320-340℃,Maximum practical using temperature: 260℃.

PFA melting point: appox.308℃.Maximum practical using temperature is 10-20 lower than PTFE,TFM.

TFM is modified PTFE, in addition to all the advantages of PTFE, has some better improvements like smaller deformation under high temperature and high pressure,smaller permeability, higher surface finish.

Due to these comprehensive properties, 
PTFE/PFA is suitable for middle and lower pressure digestion vessels.
TFM is suitable for high pressure digestion vessels. 
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